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What is BAKBŌN?

Built alongside the top professionals in physical therapy, chiropractic, strength and conditioning, and sports performance, BAKBŌN brings a new lens to providing care and accelerating movement progression. The BAKBŌN device is adjustable, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use. Most importantly, it's a long overdue evolution of the dowel rod, allowing patients/clients to feel their form while maintaining a the ability to perform a variety of hands-free movements. This includes at-home rehab, postural awareness for daily activities, resistance/cardio training, yoga, golf and much more.


BAKBŌN For Your Business

Whether your client is in rehab from injury, training for strength, or just focused on performing everyday activities, you can offer them a BAKBŌN Posture & Spine Cueing Device to accelerate and elevate their progress.

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Our affiliate program benefits your patient/client by offering an affordable, high quality, life-enhancing tool while allowing you to earn a profit for each sale made through your affiliate link.

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  • Each sale earns your business $15
  • All units ship from our warehouse in Boulder, CO, so no need to carry inventory
  • We’ll send over a sales report at the beginning of each month and pay you directly by check or PayPal, whichever you prefer
  • Strengthen your patient/client relationship and accelerate positive, lasting change in their lives by offering them BAKBON at a discount.

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Become A Wholesaler

Similar to our affiliate program, you will earn a profit for each BAKBON product sold. But, your clients will be purchasing BAKBŌN directly from you at your business and get to take the unit home that day. We can provide you with an inventory of BAKBŌN Posture & Spine Cueing Devices to be kept at your business for quick purchasing.

How it works:

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Great For Your Clients

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy
Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning
Sports Performance
Sports Performance

The Benefits of BAKBŌN

The ability to cue hands-free means you can introduce load to movement, helping set the proper patterns in the nervous system so the correct habit is formed safely and efficiently.

By training your brain and body to recognize and repeat proper form in a neutral spine position, you are also strengthening dormant muscles that support the spine, as well as activating smaller muscle fiber in your neck and upper back, promoting proper posture.

Improved balance, lung functionality, organ health, nervous system optimization, plus more energy and improved body confidence can be achieved after using your BAKBŌN for just a short period of time, due to the halo effect of heightened proprioception.

Find Your Neutral Spine™


“It’s like having a coach on your back providing the cueing and allowing me to focus on additional movements, maximize my time with clients and deliver real, long-lasting results.”
- Mark Shropshire
President/CEO Shropshire Sports Training,
co-author of Original Strength Performance: The Next Level
“The spine was created with multiple segments and natural curvature allowing for freedom of movement. When functioning in prolonged static or non-moving posture, or when under load, this exceptional mobility needs to be stabilized in an optimal, balanced posture. The BAKBŌN device was created to facilitate this balanced position and cue the body to use the appropriate, intended musculature for this task.”
- Pam Andringa
MSPT, DPT Boulder, CO